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Top 5 Hearing Aids

There are so many different brands of hearing aids available today, choosing one can be a little overwhelming. Obviously, the first step is finding a reputable brand. Or even better, ask a hearing specialist what they would recommend since they should be aware of which brands stand by their equipment, and which do not. The following are 5 that come highly recommended by both consumers and professionals.

1. ReSound

In the business of hearing for over 70 years, the GN ReSound Group was first on the market to introduce open-fit hearing aids. Since then, many have copied them and it's still one of the more popular hearing aids designs today. Recently, they introduced a device specifically for iPhones that is doing well. In addition to these excellent credentials, Beltone and Interton, two well-known names in the hearing aid market are subsidiary brands of the ReSound group.

2. Oticon

Presented by the William Demant Holding Group, Oticon comes from a long line of great hearing aids. The Demant Group introduced the first digital hearing aid, the Digifocus and continue to utilize cutting edge technology in their products. One of their latest accomplishments is an industry first, the Opn hearing aid. This dual-wireless device is internet connected and according to consumer ratings, one of the best on the market.

3. Phonak

Of the top 5 hearing aids available today, this brand introduced by the Sonova Holding AG company leads in development of hearing devices for children. Some of their more recent developments are the Audio B-R and CROS hearing aids. These devices are powered by lithium-ion rechargeable batteries which are considered to be the finest available. Even those with very nimble fingers sometimes find it difficult to change hearing aid batteries so quality definitely counts in this area.

4. Signia

The owners of this brand, the Sivantos Group, has a right to be proud of their product line. The Signia hearing aid is the most recent of their accomplishments. The history of the brand is quite interesting. In 1959 Siemens (previous owners) introduced the first behind-the-ear hearing device and then later, a worlds first. Waterproof, digital hearing devices.

5. Starkey

Among all the worlds hearing aid brands, Starkey is the only one American-owned and operated. They are responsible for creating the first "in-canal" hearing aid, and also a custom digital invisible hearing device, another industry first. One of their more recent developments is the Halo which is made for use with iPhones. Brands like Starkey stay tuned to the most recent developments in technology and are sure to use all that apply to hearing devices.

Hearing aids are an investment in the quality of life. Not being able to hear clearly is more than an aggravation, it can lead to dangerous safety issues, especially when driving or even walking city streets. When you can't hear the world around you, shouted warnings do no good. Remember to consult your healthcare provider and increase your chances of finding the perfect match for your personal needs.