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Types of Hearing Aids Offered:

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Benefits of the Modern Hearing Aid

Advancements in modern hearing aid has made great leaps forward over its 200-year journey. Some of the first recorded photos of hearing aids are seen in old black & white photos of what looks like a miniature trumpet or a long funnel being held up to the ear. As telephones became mainstream and moved into the world of electronics, so did hearing aids - moving from a funny shaped object to an electric devise, becoming progressively smaller and more reliable as a consumer product. The rapid innovations in many different areas of technology such as: advancements in mass production, moldable materials, silicon, micro processing and discoveries in how the human brain works all helped mold the modern-day hearing aid.

Hearing Aid Technology

Many people are unaware of hearing aid technology today and how it does much more than just amplifying the sound into one’s ears. Advancements to the modern hearing aid takes in consideration the size and shape of a person’s ear during custom fitting. Also, the input of the sound captured by a modern-day hearing aid is calibrated specific to the degree of hearing loss, and to the condition of what caused the hearing loss in the first place. Calibration is important in hearing aid advancements as it strives to enhance the precision on how sound is processed by the brain. It’s also important for those involved in designing hearing aids that these artificial devices can affect the balance and coronation of a person using it.

Modern hearing aid technology is much more intuitive than ever before, allowing both the user and health practitioner to consider most subjective factors relating to wearing a hearing aid. For example, hearing aid advancements involves the adjusting and fine tuning of a variety of comfort settings. The ability to adjust is a great benefit in the hearing aids of today breaking free from the one size fits all seen type hearing aids of the past. Modern hearing aid technology comes with it the benefits of both the strong hand of science accompanied with a designer’s soft touch, making the hearing aid smaller, pushing the boundaries of an ever more natural appearance blending into the ear where it’s hardly noticeable at all.

The hearing aids of today are concerned with both function and form, respecting the mind-body relationship were how comfortable you feel wearing the device is almost as important as the quality of sound is itself. Gone are the days of a large, curious shaped apparatus on display for all to see. Gone are the days when you’re trying to have a normal conversation but the person you are speaking with is looking at your ears instead of listening to what you’re saying.