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Types of Hearing Aids Offered:

  • Invisible-In-The-Canal

  • Completely-In-Canal

  • In-The-Canal

  • In-The-Ear

  • Receiver-In-Canal

  • Behind-The-Ear

Discovering Affordable Hearing Aids

The use of hearing aids is increasing at a tremendous rate due to people living longer. The decibels of sound in today's music has increased to a shocking number and with the increasing volume it can start to affect your hearing. Concerts are one cause of hearing loss, and another cause is earphones and earbuds, accompanied by the excessive volume.

It appears that traffic today is louder, car horns have increased their volume and the hustle and bustle of everyday living is adding to the rise hearing loss. It seems that every item we have pings, clicks, twangs, and bongs with a decibel unacceptable to the human anatomy. Our eardrums, not to mention the eardrums of animals which is far more sensitive than humans, are tormented beyond their intended use.  

What To Do If You Feel You Are Experiencing Hearing Loss?

  • Submit to a standard hearing loss test. Ensure you are not suffering from another medical problem.
  • Visit your physician for medical advice.
  • Maintain the advised decibel of sound when listening to music, television, and other electronic devices.
  • On the job, wear protective hearing devices if you work in a noisy atmosphere.

Where Can You Purchase Affordable Discount Hearing Aids

The ten brands listed below were selected as the "top-10" providing the best deals in the purchase of hearing aids.

  • Connect Hearing
  • Costco
  • Sam's Club
  • HearUSA
  • Hearing Planet
  • Audibel
  • Miracle-Ear
  • Beltone
  • Zounds Store
  • Starkey Store

Low Cost Hearing Aids Are Available With Prices Ranging From $149 to $549

There are many brands of low cost hearing aids on the market today, and the pricing is scattered all over the pricing map. If your hearing loss suggests you need to purchase a hearing aid, find the brand that you like and make sure it is comfortable and meets your hearing requirements. Then shop for the best price that fits your budget. The above list of suppliers will offer a range of affordable hearing aids. When you have found the hearing aid brand that is best for your needs, look for the best pricing, customer service, and a product guarantee offered. Take your time and do your research. A hearing aid is not an everyday purchase and must meet your specific requirements and price range.

What Damages Our Ears Causing Hearing Loss?

  • Exposure to noise. Decibel levels of 85 and over can permanently damage our hearing.
  • The tiny hair cells that we have in our inner ear sustain our ability to hear. When the follicles are damaged by loud sounds they die off and thus hearing loss ensues. 
  • Remember, loud sounds that we take for granted may be causing hearing loss - little-by-little at unnoticeable increments until suddenly we find we are having difficulty hearing a common everyday conversation or television program.
  • A typical conversation is spoken at 60 decibels. Think of the number of decibels is projected at a concert, television, street traffic. No wonder the hearing loss in people is escalating at such a tremendous range.